how can I help you?

For simplicity sake, My wheelhouse is flexible brand development. That means I have the ability to work with you to develop a wide variety of deliverables. and I’m scrappy.

My wide span of interests and past opportunities have allowed me space to learn how to produce many types of deliverables logo / print / digital / big picture visioning / brand guideline development / environmental graphics (interior and exterior) /presentation graphics

I know many designers say this, but I will listen to your needs and desires, and work with you to refine and make more cohesive production to maintain and grow your established brand.

I can do this on-site as a contract employee, or as an independent contractor who works remote. I bill by project based on, complication of detail, total pieces to be produced, median time to complete, vendor coordination and material procurement.

what’s next?

I can do a lot, once I understand what you need. Let’s talk! Please reach out to request a discussion by filling out my request form, and then we can schedule a phone call or in person meeting.


Thanks for your interest.