Helium Hands | Lisa McLymont

Helium Hands

Helium hands is a phrase my partner, Cat Sheridan gave me, as she watched me get repeatedly excited about many actions and groups in Columbus through the years, and stretch myself thin by volunteering for more than I should. I am in recovery.

Past Passion Projects:

Say It Loud Columbus | 2020

BOP | 2017

Lip Body Foot | 2018

Scott Woods | Holler | 2017

CAW at OSU Urban Art Space | Remnants | 2014

CAW at Fort Hayes Gallery | 2011

…now preparing for these passion projects:

Columbus Art Commission | 2020

ProcessCreate | 2020

Universe Tribe | Art Prints | Fall 2020

… and, I’ll always be making art, the oil for the gears of my life and work. May we each find ways to build lives that bring joy.




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