Safe Point | Lisa McLymont

In 2015, I designed what I thought was a quick, but important logo for a fledgling program under AIDS Resource Center Ohio. It was to represent a syringe access program that Columbus has not had before.

Design constraints: less than 2hrs to create “a quick logo for a presentation”; don’t use any images of needles (!)

It happens a lot, designing a thing without having all the info, feeling it’s importance, and going forward on faith that you have made something that can flex and grow in the future.

I have witnessed the importance of the work and have grown with it, crafting a color palette that is complimentary to our main brand, Equitas Health. Today, they have a stand alone center in an area most affected in the community. When I stop by, the staff there are family, opening a home to many who don’t have one for themselves. I stop in to remind myself why I became and stayed a designer.


Start to finish, I designed, worked with a vendor, and installed these vinyls. On the left, is Rick, modeling a design I did in 2016, and Evan is modeling the logo shirt of a partner branch of the organization I originally joined. I did not design it. These beautiful humans are two of the reasons I have loved working here. Dedicated, caring, hilarious and passionate.
design, spec work, & install



rack card, business card, signage, wordpress website and server maintenance (site built by Jenny Bell!), status reports, powerpoint graphics, digital slides, and social media graphics


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